To: My Favorite Person in the World…

From: Me, in the middle of the Pride Parade
June 10, 2017

It hurt me to know that
There was more love for you
Amongst thousands of strangers
Than in your own home.

I wanted to cry when I saw
Families proclaim their pride
For their sons and daughters,
Because it’s what you deserved.

I’m sorry I can’t change your family’s mind;
They don’t know what they’re missing.


(I love how strong men cry)

I love how strong men cry
when they are no longer strong.

When their lives are on the line,
do you really think they care
about their beliefs?
About the hate they preached?
It was just a game anyhow,
they never really cared about
the People they promised they
were protecting.
Only the ways in which these
Humans fulfilled
an emptiness,
where their compassion should lie;
an ego,
living where their heart should be.

At the end of the day,
we are nothing,
besides tools for their victories.

I Just Romanticized the Ringing in my Ears

A noise reverberates in the emptiness that exists
In the space where you end and I begin.

It’s a ringing with a pitch high enough that if you don’t
stop and listen hard enough, you would miss it.

Sometimes I hear this noise in the moments before your
Breath gets deeper and you fall asleep,

Sometimes I hear it when you stop kissing me just long
Enough to look at me and smile.

Tonight my ears are ringing with the sound of us,
And it’s like I’ve never heard music before.

A Conversation I Had With Myself After Being Told I Had 24 More Credits Until I Graduate

Are you scared?

I have never been more terrified. I feel as some people do about

tight spaces,

        or spiders,

                or heights.

But this is part of life.

I’m not ready.

I’ll help you.

Fear does not make grocery lists.

I’ll help you.

Anxiety is not a form of roadside assistance.

I’ll help you.

Depression doesn’t pay the bills.

Then what will help?

A new state of mind.

A Different Kind of Letting Go

Tonight, I got into the bath with my clothes on.
For a moment, I felt the water cling to me as I stood up;
it made me feel heavy and warm,
like the arms of someone who needs me.
The droplets gripped so hard onto the fibers of my sweater;
I could hear their cries as one by one they fell back into the tub:
Drip. Drip. Drip.
“You are so smart and well spoken.”
Drip. Drip. Drip.
“I think you’re so pretty.”
Drip. Drip. Drip.
“No one’s ever touched me as much as you.”
Drip. Drip. Drip.
“I can’t wait to see you again.”

One after one, all of their voices evaporated;
My clothes became easier to carry,
like it never happened at all.


You touched me and my skin started to rot…
I was no longer sweet; I wasn’t something
you wanted to sink your teeth into.

As my body began to decay I asked,
“will you still want me?”
But you never answered. No one
ever wants something that they
have already tasted.

Why You Felt Like Home (And Why I Moved Out)


Building a love from the ground up:

I first fell in love with the land. The way you were at first sight (your awkward presence, the sensitivity that made you so different).

Constructing the floor plan was like building paths for myself in your thoughts. Imagining the interior and exterior of our connectivity (finding out your fears, where you want to be in 20 years).

We soon began the construction that would form our foundation. We were finally coming together; our love was being built from the ground up (we became close in a new way; how strange it is to think we felt so at home together).

Then came decorating and nurturing our beautiful new home. Our memories took over every corner of our minds (laying in bed remembering, laughing at the awkwardness that once existed).

We were comfortable in this home we built. Our lives were interdependent on the other (I needed you when you came home, and you needed me so you would never be alone).


Watching a home fall apart with time:

Annual repairs were necessary. Fighting was no different than changing the bed sheets (what do you mean you’re leaving? I’m sorry I am this way).

Slowly our tastes changed. Redecorating a room was nothing like the beauty that we once made (Who gave you these morals? What have you done with yourself?)

Cracks in the foundation started to form. I didn’t know if they were worth fixing (the memories became so painful, they reminded us of a better time).

The walls started to sag under the rain. I couldn’t stop crying when I looked at you (who are you? What have you done with the person I loved?)

The windows broke and winter was here. Every time you spoke I felt cool air (why are you so inhumane? You used to be so good).

I left our home we built. I couldn’t save it from destruction (you were comfortable with who you were becoming, and I couldn’t stay to watch).