You Asked For Space and I Only Got Bigger

(this way you will never lose sight of me–even if your words filled me with so much pain)

Fill me up. Even when my skin starts to break and my eyes start to bulge and I become unrecognizable

Fill me up. I will not cry and I will not scream and I will not beg I will only accept whats coming as you

Fill me up. And I lose sight and smell and touch as I become as big as this room and I say:

“Fill me up.”


Or…(a flashback to high school)

Flashback: piss poor speakers blaring Lil Wayne in our small town. I, embarrassed, ask you to turn it down. You, headstrong, ignore me.

We are unhappy. We are not meant to be in this car, listening to this song, in this town. We are not meant to be together at all.

And yet that moment, a moment that I have lived so many times, on so many days, is something I remember best about you (or us). Our differences so fucking clear–but we were too comfortable (or too afraid of change).

So I listened to that fucking Lil Wayne song so many times that my tongue recognized the lyrics, my feet the tempo–until I understood that I never should have been listening in the first place.

“I wouldn’t Breathe Unless You Asked Me To” (an iphone note project)

(an ongoing piece detailing my weak spine)

  1. I would lose my sight to the sun before I blink and miss it again.
  2. Thinking is something I’ve always done, but can you believe that the earth rotates without a thought? As I think until I become nothing, the earth keeps turning.
  3. I haven’t considered you in so long that you became another universe: untouchable and foreign, like a stranger on the street. Yet I remember how you spoke when your grandpa died, and the way you would talk about home. Not quite a poet, but your words came together the same way.
  4. I am still lonely, but I made it to twenty-three.
  5. Your words feel cut and dry, like any poem found in the beginning of a paper thin novella. You think: “Speak and they will listen,” but its all been said before. A curse of the human condition.
  6. At sunset: “Look at the sky!”
    But you’re always too late, my voice miles away, the day turned to night.
  7. Touch is a love language you don’t know how to speak and all I can do is beg for you to talk, talk, talk.
  8. I’ve never felt more like a second thought than when you remind me of your first.
  9. Nothing makes me feel less beautiful than when you close your eyes, touch me, and sigh.
  10. And with your soul to match my sadness I think I will be okay. Your light will help outshine my dark.

    (to be continued…)

A Stain


I get drunk only to say the things that I wish to say when sober.

With sobriety comes responsibility, and I don’t want to be responsible for the silence that follows the stream of love that will flow out of my mouth and onto the floor.

I don’t want to remember how you watch me try and clean the permanent stains my words have left on the carpet of your mind.

And so I drink, and I love you.




Have you ever wanted to push a pen against your skin
without the consequences of a mark?
To feel it glide across the inside of your wrists, your hands…
Doing everything it isn’t supposed to.

But our skin is so vulnerable to stains,
it would only succumb to the black ink;
and everyone would see the mess
you have made.